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Join us for our third stop in Orlando, FL on May 7, 2022, at First Baptist Orlando to experience a night of worship and learn more about the part you can play in taking the gospel to the nations.

May 7, 2022
3-5 PM
First Baptist Orlando
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1–2 PM   Breakout Sessions
3–5 PM   Main Event


Breakout Sessions

Why Do We Go?

The world is full of lost and broken people; we understand that, yet what drives us to go? Why do we pack a bag and spend money to get on a plane?

Missionary Task and the Chicken Sandwich

What does a missionary actually do? Does it apply to everyone? What can we do about the vast numbers of peoples and places that have yet to follow Christ? Hear stories from an IMB missionary about how he carried out the missionary task among university students in Africa!

Leverage Your Major, Passions and Gifts for the Kingdom

Learn how to use the passions and things you are interested in to advance the gospel to the unreached!

How to Steward Your Ethnicity in Missions

Learn and discover ways to involve, mobilize and challenge the next generation of ethnic young adults in taking the gospel to nations.

Ready, Set, Go!

Here is what you need to know to be ready to say yes to going! Come talk about fears, how to prepare now, and what to do if you are not 100% sure about going.

Everyone deserves to hear the gospel.

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*Images and names are representative of peoples around the world.

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